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Auto Welcome 2.6.2

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Screenshot_1.png.0687c1d363d2a04294b08a866dae15c3.png Screenshot_2.png.26f0f669fe0cadec162bef3cffce40d9.png Screenshot_3.png.bf46f0878e0bb37380c5b3fabc8e0548.png Screenshot_4.png.5d34f4fe42d5613e329452a3651aaf56.png Screenshot_5.png.09536092b85b5a68f5efc7ae71339982.png

About This File
Auto-welcome new users in IPS Community Suite 4. The greeting is conducted by means of a personal message, an e-mail address or the creation of a new theme on the forum.

What's New in Version 2.6.2​

  • Fixed the error to check the participant.
  • Fixed an error that stopped new greeting alerts from setting up the theme.
  • The background queue to convert and remove the outdated party welcome field.
  • Only participants who have joined for 2 weeks will receive a delayed greeting.