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  1. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, aysez111

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @aysez111.
  2. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, Trim9111

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @Trim9111.
  3. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, Browni1111

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @Browni1111.
  4. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, Code2Wolf

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @Code2Wolf.
  5. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, souljaboi

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @souljaboi.
  6. Mad Skillz

    Report post notice 1.4

    Description: Reported posts will show a notice. (Example of reported post) (Example of Options page) Features: All phrases start with reportpostnotice_ for your convenience. Questions and answers: Q: I use the "Send...
  7. Mad Skillz

    [XF 2.2] Report post notice 1.4

    Mad Skillz submitted a new resource: Report post notice 1.4 - Report post notice 1.4 Read more about this resource...
  8. Mad Skillz

    Trader 2.8

    Description: Allows giving feedback on sellers and buyers. The Trader add-on is designed to work on forums that use threads and posts to describe items for sale. (Example of Trader history link in thread view) (Example of Trader history page)...
  9. Mad Skillz

    [XF 2.2] Trader 2.8

    Mad Skillz submitted a new resource: Trader 2.8 - Trader 2.8 Read more about this resource...
  10. Mad Skillz

    Show attachments by file size 1.2

    Description: Shows attachments by file size. This add-on allows the admin to quickly see which content has largest attachments (by file size). Clicking the content link will take you to the content so the admin can manage the attachment. For example the admin might like to convert large videos...
  11. Mad Skillz

    [XF 2.2] Show attachments by file size 1.2

    Mad Skillz submitted a new resource: Show attachments by file size 1.2 - Show attachments by file size 1.2 Read more about this resource...
  12. Mad Skillz

    Banner 2.1

    Description: Banner management system. Displays banners in your header, forum list, forum view and thread view and widget. The Banner add-on is designed to serve self hosted images. (Example of banners displayed in the forum list) (Example of Banner admin link in...
  13. Mad Skillz

    [XF 2.2] Banner 2.1

    Mad Skillz submitted a new resource: Banner 2.1 - Banner 2.1 Read more about this resource...
  14. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, souljahwitch

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @souljahwitch.
  15. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, wizzyitsapizzy

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @wizzyitsapizzy.
  16. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, IDamnLilo

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @IDamnLilo.
  17. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, rijndael1337

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @rijndael1337.
  18. Mad Skillz

    Welcome, publiccode

    Welcome to XFWORLD.NET, @publiccode.
  19. Mad Skillz

    Convert image all 4.0

    Description: Converts all hot linked images to attachments. The Convert image all add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to attachments. Hot linked images are those images that have been inserted using the Image icon in the editor toolbar. This add-on is run manually and is used to...
  20. Mad Skillz

    [XF 2.2] Convert image all 4.0

    Mad Skillz submitted a new resource: Convert image all 4.0 - Convert image all 4.0 Read more about this resource...