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  1. ArmaanPC

    User Name Still Effect

    Compatible XF 2.x versions 2.0, 2.1 You can also give your usernames the effect of styles as you wish. font-size: 14px; color: #fff; letter-spacing: 2px; font-weight: 700; text-transform: uppercase; animation: blur .75s ease-out infinite; text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #fff, 0px...
  2. ArmaanPC

    Ultimate Server Listing 2.1.9

    Make your server list look amazing with only few clicks! Ultimate Server Listing is plugin for all gaming networks who want to show your players how many people playing on servers and make them connect faster! Right now we support games: Counter Strike Global Offensive Counter Strike 1.6...
  3. ArmaanPC

    [cXF] Animations 1.0.0

    Description: Add animation to predefined elements or elements of your choice with extra settings. Features: add animations to predefined elements (currently: badge for Inbox and Alerts, badge for staff bar links, online indicator) add animations to 3 separate groups of custom elements...
  4. ArmaanPC

    Ultimate News Ticker 1.0.2

    Thanks to this plugins you can: set name for Latest News section set link for news set text for news set display order for news set background color for Latest News cell set speed of news sliding set unlimited news set news for main forum page only or for all pages set maximum width for...
  5. ArmaanPC

    [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 1.0.0

    [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 Installation Instructions: While in the Admin CP, select: Appearance > Styles > Import > Child of style: (No Parent) > and then click "Import"
  6. ArmaanPC

    XenForo 1.5+ 50 Addonds Pack (Nulled) By Armaan Ali

    Addons List: [3.studIo] Usergroup Ranks 1.5.7 [bd] Medal 1.5.0b [DBTech] Default Staff Signature v1.0.2 [ITD]AttachmentIcons1.3.5 [SSD] Thread Info addon-DoublePostPreventer addon-nobita_Promote_2.0.8 addon-nobita_RegGreeting_1.0.7 addon-ThemeHouse_JoinUserGroup-
  7. ArmaanPC

    XenForo 2.1.9 – Full Nulled {Patched} By ArmaanPC

    XenForo 2.1.9 – Full Nulled {Patched} By ArmaanPC Today, we are releasing XenForo 2.1.9 and XenForo 2.0.13 to address a potential security vulnerability that may affect any customer who makes use of our PayPal payment handler. As well as user upgrades, this may affect add-ons you have...
  8. ArmaanPC

    [XenConcept] Hide BBCode 2.0.3 Patch Level 2

    This addon gives users the ability to hide their content using BBCode. This addon requires version 2.1 of XenForo Features: Six different BB... Features: Six different BBCode to Hide Contents. UserGroup permissions New in 2.0.3 New tag hide trophy and hide reaction score Adding...
  9. Mad Skillz

    How to add a "add resource" to your fourms

    <a href="/resources/add" span style="background-color:red;border-color:red" class="button--cta button button--icon button--icon--write" data-xf-click="overlay"><span class="button-text">Add resource</span></a>
  10. Mad Skillz

    [DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.1.5

    Faceless submitted a new resource: [DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.1.5 - [DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.1.5 Read more about this resource...
  11. Wizz

    Pixel Exit - Admin Center 1.1.0

    Wizarddd submitted a new resource: Pixel Exit - Admin Center 1.1.0 - 1.1.0 Read more about this resource...
  12. Wizz

    How to center logo ?

    If you want to center your "logo" then follow these steps : 1.Go to your ACP and search for "extra.less" template 2. Add code below /* center logo */ .p-header-logo { margin-left: auto; } If that doesn't work then try this one : .p-header-logo { margin-left: auto !important...