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  1. Mad Skillz

    [OzzModz] Most Ever Online 1.0.8

    This is a free add-on made by me that will show the counts of the most users that have ever been online. It includes counts for all users, members, and guests. You have the option to display counts for any or all of the 3. Totals, members, or guests via permissions. You can choose to display...
  2. Wizz

    [Widget] Display Random Quotations / FAQs

    Display favorite quotations or frequently asked questions anywhere in the forum! Widgets > Add Widgets > HTML Widget - Widget definition: HTML - Widget key: quotes - Title: Quotations or Frequently Asked Questions - Display in positions: Choose one or more locations - Display condition...
  3. Wizz

    Chat by Siropu 1.25.1

    Wizz submitted a new resource: Chat by Siropu 1.25.1 - 1.25.1 Read more about this resource...
  4. Mad Skillz

    How to not display a specific userbanner with banner stacking?

    So with the way xenforo works, my board is application only. When you're accepted the add-on we uses changes your primary usergroup to "Trainee" giving them access to the majority of the forums. However we then have another user promotion in place that when a "Trainee" hits say 10 posts, they...
  5. Mad Skillz

    Anyone have an iframe code to display recent posts/replies on a non XF site?

    We use a different script (not WP) for our homepage and XF as our forum. I'd like to use either an iframe or something else to display the recent posts/replies on our frontend. Anyone have something to do this? I think it could help our front-end readers see the activity and get engaged...
  6. Mad Skillz

    [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments

    XenSoluce submitted a new resource: [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments - Allow you to let the guest usergroup to view attachments [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments Continue reading...
  7. S

    Ultimate Content Display 1.0.2

    Speed submitted a new resource: Ultimate Content Display 1.0.2 - Addons Read more about this resource...
  8. S

    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.3.10

    Speed submitted a new resource: Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.3.10 - Addons Read more about this resource...