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FORUM RULES AND INFORMATION Forum Rules: Updated 10/06//2020

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Mad Skillz

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  • This is an ENGLISH only forum. Please only post and reply in ENGLISH.
  • Non-English posts or replies will be removed.
  • Do NOT ask for support in the chat box, we have forums for all requests.
  • Do NOT ask Admin's to update something in the chat box.
  • Do NOT send private messages to Admin's asking for us to update something, if we have the updated version it will be posted.
  • Registered Members can download 10 resources per day.
  • Do not create more then one account on XFWORLD.NET, if you do ALL of your accounts will be banned. We only allow ONE account per user., PER HOUSEHOLD!
  • Do not share our resources on other websites, when your caught doing this your account will be banned for ever.
  • If you have something we do not, please share it with our forums.
  • All members must keep a valid working email address on their account.
  • Any member that does not have a valid email address, will be banned. - Do NOT use disposable email addresses on xfworld!
  • Please remember sharing is caring.
  • This community is 100% user supported, There are no ads, wait times or any other useless bullshit.
Rules have been updated on 10/06/2020 - These rules are subject to change at any time, without notice.
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