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XF 2.2 [AndyB] Convert image all 4.8

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[AndyB] Convert image all 4.8
Converts all hot linked images to attachments.

The Convert image all add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to attachments. Hot linked images are those images that have been inserted using the Image icon in the editor toolbar.

This add-on is run manually and is used to process all hot linked images in all posts.

(Example of hot linked image)

(Example of attachment)

(Example of Maximum attachment image dimensions selection)

(Example of Options page)

(Example of Convert image all page)

(Example of Convert image all confirm page)

  • Images greater than maximum width and height settings in Admin Control Panel will be resized.
  • Links surrounding attachments automatically removed.
Maximum attachment image dimensions selection:
Although the screenshot above says you can use 0 or blank, this add-on requires you to use a positive value for the Maximum attachment image dimensions settings. I suggest using 2500 x 2500.

Admin control panel -> Setup -> Options -> Attachments -> Maximum attachment image dimensions

How to use:
  1. In your browser add 'convertimageall' to your forum URL.
  2. Click the 'Prepare rebuild table' link.
  3. Follow instructions on Convert image all confirm page.
Question and Answers:
Q: I have an older forum with 2 million posts. How long will it take to convert all IMG tags to attachments?
A: About an hour.

Q: Some hot linked image are not converted, why is this?
A: If a hot linked image is either too small or too large, or the dimensions are not able to be read, those images are not converted and will require manual conversion.

Q: Are attachments reused, meaning if the same attachment is located in several posts does each one use up disk space?
A: Each attachment is saved separately, however this is not a problem these days as disk space is so inexpensive.

Q: Does this add-on convert hot linked images in other areas besides posts?
A: No.

Q: Should I run this add-on once every few months to catch any new hot linked images not converted?
A: Yes.
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