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IPS 4.7 Developer Tools 4.7.0

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Developer Tools 4.7.0
These files are required to use developer mode in the IPS Community Suite.

Instructions to enable developer mode in the IPS Community Suite
  1. Download the Developer Tools
  2. Extract the developer tools and move them to where IPS Community Suite is installed, merging with the existing files. There is a root "dev" folder, and "dev" folders for each application. If you do not have every IPS Community Suite application installed, you should delete the folders you don't need from the Developer Tools folder before copying. The presence of Developer Tools for uninstalled applications may cause errors.
  3. If you do not already have a constants.php file in the root folder of your installation, create one.
  4. Add the following line to your constants.php file:
    define( 'IN_DEV', TRUE );
For more information on how to use the tools which become available when Developer Mode is enabled, and for more information on developing for the IPS Community Suite, see the developer documentation.

Important notes

The developer tools includes the files necessary for all IPS applications. If you are enabling developer mode on an install where third-party applications and plugins are present you will also need to obtain and apply the developer tools (i.e. the "dev" folder) for those from the author.

Note that when you upgrade your installation, you will need to download the updated Developer Tools.
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