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XF 2.2 [MaZ] Addon Update Notifier 1.1.2

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[MaZ] Addon Update Notifier 1.1.2
Get alerted when new updates are available for your installed add-ons.

🔔 Features
  • Alerts when new updates are available (can be disabled in preferences and add-on options):
  • Summary of updates available (ACP index and Add-ons page, can be enabled/disabled in options)
  • Info about new versions and quick access to download/changelog:

  • Possibility to ignore add-ons, or specific versions of addons
🪙 Freemium pricing model
If you have more add-ons than your API key allows, it simply skips the extra ones, see FAQ on ignoring.
  • 30 add-ons are allowed for free by default in the API key
ℹ️ Notes
This addon will do callbacks to https://xf-addon-update-notifier.com/ to check for new versions at regular intervals...

Note 2: after installing the addon you'll need to go into the options and enter the API key to get it running (instructions on how to get key is there also)
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