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XF 2.2 Minecraft Server Checker for Threads 1.0.3

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Minecraft Server Checker for Threads 1.0.3


  • Server data is updated with CRON every 5 minutes.
  • Easy setup & detailed informations.
  • Supports regex for custom thread field.

Installing XenForo add-on​

  1. Download latest release.
  2. Upload .zip to your XenForo forum using the "Install/upgrade from archive" button in Admin-Add-ons (admin.php?add-ons).
  3. Select applicable forums for the custom thread field (admin.php?custom-thread-fields/msc_server_ip/edit).
  4. Go to a applicable thread and fill in the "Minecraft Server IP Address" field.

CSS Examples (for extra.less)​

.msc-status {
    color: #efefef;

.msc-online {
    background: #249a24;

.msc-offline {
    background: #9a2424;

.msc-copyip {
    color: #185886;
    border-color: #e5e5e5;

Note: There may be issues as this is my first xenForo plugin. Don't forget to give feedback.
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