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XenForo 2.1.11 Released (Security Fix)

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Today, we are releasing XenForo 2.1.11 to address a potential security vulnerability. We recommend that all customers running XenForo 2.1 upgrade to 2.1.11 or use the attached patch file as soon as possible. (For customers running XenForo 2.0, we can only recommend upgrading to the latest version.)

The issue is a cross site request forgery (CSRF) on the login form. This may allow an attacker to unexpectedly log users into an attacker-controlled account. In some scenarios, this may cause privacy concerns if users take certain actions while logged into the incorrect account. Note that this does not give an attacker any access to the user's true account.

We recommend doing a full upgrade to resolve this issue, but a patch can be applied manually.
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