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Last Updated: 5th January 2023
  • This is an ENGLISH only forum. Please only post and reply in ENGLISH.
  • Non-English posts or replies will be removed.
  • Do NOT send private messages to Staff or Admins asking for support. Please post support related issues in the relevant forums.
  • Do NOT send private messages to Staff or Admins asking for us to update something, if we have the updated version it will be posted.
  • Registered Members can download up to five resources per day, but you MUST like a resource to be able to download it.
  • Please do NOT share any downloads from this site on any other addon sites.
  • All resources uploaded to this forum are MODERATED. Once a member of the XFWORLD.NET staff team have checked the resouce, then it will be approved for everyone to view & download.
  • All members must keep a valid working email address on their account.
  • Any member that does not have a valid email address, will be banned - Do NOT use disposable email addresses on xfworld!
  • The website re-verifies your email address every 30 days. If I get bounced emails from your email address, I will be contacting you.
  • If you do not fix the issue, your account will be removed.
  • Non-VIP members can only download 5 files per day from the free sections. VIP members can download up to 10 files per day from either the free or VIP sections.
  • Please remember sharing is caring.
  • Please make sure your posts are nice and neat.
  • If your post looks awful, I will be contacting your directly to fix it.
  • Do NOT post sloppy posts!
From XFWORLD.NET Staff team.
Not open for further replies.