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[XF 2.2] So you got a new website? or you have one started? Need more Traffic? New Members?

Mad Skillz

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The best way to get traffic to your website for free, is lots of Social Media Posting.

  • We all know, no one wants to post every post manually to say, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.
  • This is how I do it, I use the addon for xenForo for auto posting everything thing posted on my website to Twitter, that I allow.
  • This is a simple addon for xenForo, and it works hands down, no manual labor required.
  • How can you go wrong with free, traffic...
  • Then I have a PAID account on dlvrit.com, its about 10.00 US Dollars a month, but money well spent.
  • The rewards are outstanding, you can link every post to all Social Media Accounts that you have setup.
  • This works off your RSS FEED, so you just add your RSS FEED to Dlvrit, and it will auto post all of your content from your website to all your Social Media Accounts.
  • No manual labor required.
  • If you do all the above, you will gain members quickly and your site will get rolling fast.
  • I've used this method for years and I must say it works, try it for a month.
  • Check your Alex Rank, and you will see your site pickup, pretty quickly.
If you want to see alot of new users, and high ranking, this is a must for any xenForo forum owner and it works everytime, with out any manual labor.

Questions or comments always welcomed...